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Timber cutting

An Italian lumberjack is known as a 'boscaiolo', labor reserved exclusively for men. Their ardous and dangerous labor left visible signs of wear and tear on their faces and bodies.

One of the most difficult tasks, requiring experience and proffessionality, was cutting the timber. Before making their cut they had to determine which direction the plant would fall, so as to minimize damage to themselves and the surrounding trees.
Before chainsaws were introduced in the 1950's, trees were fell with 'manara', large axes. Two men began chopping at oppisite sides of the tree with rhythic intervals that echoed throughout the valley.
During the 30's and 40's of the XX century a large saw, imported from Canada, known as the 'segone americano', was introduced, reducing the effort and time required to fall each tree. This kind of saw had shorter teeth at a greater angle of incline with respect to the Italian saws. The blade made it much easier to penetrate and cut the wood.


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