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Museum of Cimbrian Traditions

The Cimbrian roots of the tradition of the Asiago Plateau are one of the cultural riches to be aware of and preserve. An unusual face of the area, which can be discovered thanks to the Museum and Institute of Cimbrian Culture. The Museum offers an opportunity to learn about the language and traditions of the Cimbri through an ethnographic collection, which preserves this cultural heritage. Cimbri were a Germanic population, who settled in the Middle Ages in a colony on the Asiago Plateau, in an isolated area, which allowed many aspects to be preserved throughout the centuries up until our times. The example of it is the persistence of the Cimbrian language on the Plateau until today. The museum contains many items related to the everyday work of farmers, artisans, and woodsmen, and many furnishings typical of their homes. It displays photographic documentation and literature, with Cimbrian poems, religious works and popular wisdom. The same building houses the Institute of Cimbrian Culture, which promotes scientific study, protection and promotion of Cimbrian language and culture of the Sette Comuni Plateau, considering them an important part of the heritage of this area.
The visit
A visit to the museum allows you to become familiar with the culture and language of the Cimbrians. It comes from the Bavarian and German language and has survived in restricted areas of the mountains of Vicenza. Duration of visit: Approximately 45 minutes. Note: The tour is suitable for pupils and students of all levels. Language and communicative approach are adjusted to the age and level of knowledge of the group.

Saturday: from 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM

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