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Exhibition Space of Conte Wool Mill

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The Exhibition Space is located on the first floor of the historic factory of the woollen mill Lanificio Conte: it is an original building of great industrial and archaeological value, superbly restored and opened in September of 2007, on the 250th anniversary of its foundation.
The main nineteenth-century part, consists of a frame of cast iron columns and planks of wood to which a part in reinforced concrete was added in the early decades of the twentieth century; this created a building with vast and bright spaces which contains a modern exhibition and museum space, two floors dedicated to offices and a large accommodation loft, as well as a shopping arcade on the ground floor. The old industrial style, combined with modern solutions and technologies, has led to a truly lovely result favoured also by the striking passage of the Roggia Maestra canal.
Since March 9, 2013 the sawtooth roof building has also been returned to the public, restored and destined to be a modern exhibition space of 1,300 square meters, within the historic complex of Lanificio Conte Here, at the beginning of the last century, the new departments of spinning and weaving were established. Designed by Engr.
Carlo Letter in 1906, it was made ​​of reinforced concrete according to the innovative "Hennebique" system with a sawtooth roof. It was the first time that the city used this innovative material and, two years later, architect Ferruccio Chemello used it to accomplish the gallery and floors of the Civic Theatre.
A little more than a century later, the renovation of the whole structure took place, with the inclusion of elements which make extensive use of new technologies, however, preserving the original appearance.


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