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Park and Villa Rossi

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The park is divided into two parts known as the "Banks" and the "Pond", separated by a road leading into the town of Lesina. The recognisable outstanding elements are:

Church of the Holy Spirit
On the west side of the building, opens up the avenue of cypresses leading to the seventeenth-century temple of the Holy Spirit restored by Caregaro-Negrin in 1866 in the Lombard - Byzantine style.

The Park of the Banks
The upper part called "the Banks", was destined to agricultural use in the service of the house below, but with the presence of scenic and landscaping elements.

The Park of the Pond
The lower part called "The Park of the Pond", preserved better than the previous one, presents in the best way the aspects related to the "Landscape Garden", which was designed in the late nineteenth century and which can still be seen with its winding walkways, rustic architecture, archaeological imitations, water, ponds, lawns and groups of trees, which create a colourful and varied setting.
It is surrounded by an impressive array of trees, including Himalayan pine with its particular characteristics, a few Portuguese cypress trees and especially the majestic yews, with characteristic aerial roots.

The Keeper's House
Located on the south-east corner of the park's pond, is accessed from Via S. Maria. It was the home of the keepers of the park and the villa, built in Art Nouveau style, accompanied by stables and greenhouses.
Recently restored by the municipalities of Schio and Santorso, it is now home to the Provincial Environmental Workshop (LAP) of ARPAV and of the Cooperative Environmental Promotion of Ecotopia. Inside, there is an elegant room equipped for conventions and conferences.


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