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Silk and Brick Art Museum


Silk and clay: simple and precious materials, which once ruled the two characteristic trades of the local economy. The true arts to be rediscovered through tools and documentation of ancient artisan knowledge.

Museum of Textile Machinery


Industrial weaving is a professional and cultural wealth to be made known, and to keep current. There is a museum dedicated to this "art", which through machines tells a story of the entrepreneurial capacity, on which a more recent history of the city of Valdagno and the surrounding area is based.

Exhibition Space of Conte Wool Mill


One of the oldest woollen mills in Schio, beautifully restored in the heart of the city, is now open to the public with cultural functions and exhibitions to commemorate the history and tradition of manufacturing, which characterized the life of the citizens, as well as economic and urban development.

Venetian Sawmill

Valli del Pasubio

The project of a water sawmill was created by Leonardo, but the machine was soon renamed "Venetian", because it was introduced during the time of the Serenissima Republic. In the village of Segetta, in Val Leogra, remains the only still operational Venetian sawmill, the sawmill of Miola, dated in 1700s.

Park and Villa Rossi


The urbanistic complex of the villa and of the estate of Alessandro Rossi in Santorso, now co-owned by the municipalities of Schio and Santorso, is a unique episode in the history of Venetian architecture of the late nineteenth century, a collaboration between industrial power of Alessandro Rossi from Schio, and the architect from Vicenza, Antonio Caregaro Negrin.

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