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Val d'Assa Graffiti

the site

A harsh and difficult to reach territory has kept a mystery for thousands of years: the rock engravings, the signs on limestone walls left by the people, who used to populate Val d'Assa. A unique testimony to the evolution of man since prehistoric times, which emerged only after the flood of 1966. more

the visit

A visit to the archaeological site addresses several issues related to the area of the Plateau, explaining the origin of geo-morphology of the valley, and the specific phenomenon of karstification. A place of extremely rich anthropological interest: inside the caves along the sides of Val d'Assa more


The petroglyphs were brought to light after the removal of a large amount of torrential debris from the bottom of Val d'Assa following the flood of 1966, after they had been covered for centuries. The flood revealed the carved walls, which for centuries had been buried by accumulations of more


Guides available at rates to be agreed

visite guidate

Guided tours and excursions of the territory

Guided tours in July and August at 9.30 a.m. starting from Roana on Tuesdays and Canove on Saturdays.



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