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Museum of Textile Machinery


Industrial weaving is a professional and cultural wealth to be made known, and to keep current. There is a museum dedicated to this "art", which through machines tells a story of the entrepreneurial capacity, on which a more recent history of the city of Valdagno and the surrounding area is based.

Museum of Ancient Crafts

Valli del Pasubio

The everlasting charm of working tools used in trades, which nowadays have disappeared. A tangible evidence of everyday history, even if not very remote, and of local culture and lifestyles, which today have changed a lot in the borderland area. Various objects and explanations of their use illustrate the history of the mountain people of the Upper Leogra Valley.

The Forest of Labiolo


The forest was a key resource for the local economy. Beech wood (the "fagaro") was for centuries the only source of raw material for heating homes during long winters. In the periods of wood delivery, the woods were bursting with life, and with them the whole country was seething with activity for the preparation of stocks of timber.

Park of Sojo - Art and Nature


A park of art, surrounded by nature. Eight acres of mountain land, mostly forest, crossed by walking paths and trails, where you can admire more than seventy works of Contemporary Art of Italian and foreign artists, many of which are made ​​on site and with local materials.

Prehistoric Village of Mount Corgnon


The unmistakable profile of Mount Corgnon can be seen from across the foothills. Prehistoric men went up there to hunt, for pasture and to light ritual fires. The artefacts found on site tell us that this place has been frequented and inhabited since the Neolithic times.

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