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Museum of Cimbrian Traditions


The Cimbrian roots of the tradition of the Asiago Plateau are one of the cultural riches to be aware of and preserve. An unusual face of the area, which can be discovered thanks to the Museum and Institute of Cimbrian Culture.

World War I Historical Museum 1915-1918


The Sette Comuni Plateau was one of the most terrible war theatres of World War I. War relics, weapons, helmets, maps and photos of the period are collected in the museum as a testimony of those pages of history.

Historic War Museum - Punta Corbin Fort


An Italian fort on the Asiago Plateau, where World War I was fought, becomes a military museum, a central place for the commemoration of those difficult pages of history. Entering this site means to experience the life of soldiers and to understand how the war has changed the landscape and people's lives forever.

Fogazzaro Palace


Fogazzaro Palace is the seat of the Schio Common Civic Collection, which includes paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures starting from the thirteenth century up to the present day. A section dedicated to art books was established in 2011.

“El casèlo dei Grotti” Ethnographic Museum of rural civilisation in the mountain area

Tonezza del Cimone

A journey through time to discover how people lived in the mountain areas. A former "Caselo", where families brought milk for processing, now houses a museum, which exhibits working tools of the "dairyman" and objects of the everyday life of the past.

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