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World War I Visitors Centre

Tonezza del Cimone

The Visitors Centre is one of the venues of the Eco Museum on World War I in the Pre-Alps of Vicenza. The Centre meets the aims of education and enhancement of the historical heritage of the Great War in the Mount Cimon area, in an effort to promote knowledge and awareness of the changes, which occurred in those places during the most dramatic phases of the conflict.

Buso della Rana Park

Monte di Malo

Buso della Rana is a magnificent karst cave, an incredible labyrinth of more than 28km of tunnels located at the foot of the Plateau of Faedo-Casaròn. Formed by the slow but steady erosion of water, it is nowadays one of the largest and most important karst systems in Italy, a site of collective importance of the Natura 2000 European network.

Paper Mill Museum of Oliero


Paper has created the story of man, it allowed his cultural evolution and transmission of information to all places. Oliero di Valstagna hosts a new museum of industrial heritage in the building of the former paper mill of Parolini, now Remondini, which in historical times was an important centre for the production of paper.

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