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Rovini Collection

A private collection of relics of World War I narrates through the findings from the battlefields of the lives of soldiers and the technological evolution of weapons, but also of the individual and collective drama represented by war. Giancarlo and Stefano Rovini are researchers who, with their patient and passionate effort, have collected materials and objects from battlefield zones for over thirty years, and their finds are now on display in the permanent exhibition. A large amount of materials and objects, from remnants of the daily life in trenches to the protection equipment of a soldier, from work tools to the complete typological display of hand grenades. The exhibition is divided into four broad thematic rooms, and allows you to retrace the rapid technological development of weapons, not to mention the personal and collective drama of many soldiers, who fought and perished on the mountains of Cengio, Lemerle, Mosciagh, Zebio, Fior, Ortigara and Pasubio, and along the rivers of Brenta, Piave and Isonzo. The reconstruction of barracks environment of the Great War diverts the focus onto the daily lives of soldiers sent to the front, and stimulates a number of general considerations about war, and about World War I in particular.
The visit
Being an important reference point for tourists interested in the Asiago Plateau as a theatre of historical events of World War I, the collection is a destination for many visitors. The tour winds through five rooms, with a display of weapons, tools, pictures, testimonies of clothing and living environment of the soldier. Room 1 Large collection of hand grenades and shields; remains of crampons and ski. Room 2 Bayonets, rifles, guns and bullets recovered from the battlefield, an interesting aiming system for guns. Room 3 A variety of tools, utensils and equipment. Awards, medals and certificates. Room 4 Vintage photos, clothing, hats and defence equipment (helmets and armours). Room 5 The reconstruction of a barrack allows to place objects in their original context and provides elements for immediate understanding of the uses and functions of many military items of the period. Duration of visit: 1 hour 30 min. Note: The tour is suitable for pupils and students of all levels, it is recommended for students of junior high school and high school.
The history

The passion of Giancarlo Rovini born at the end of the ’60s, following the occasional findings of some rusted and corroded objects in Val d’Assa: the emotion of the moment was then integrated with the tradition of recovering, with its knowledge and its legends.
A passion passed down from father to son: Stefano, from the mid-’90s, works alongside Giancarlo in this activity. Together they create the plan to organize the amount of recovered artefacts, and to create a thematic collection, with the intention of making it available to the public.
In 1998, the City of Roana offers the premises of the former Elementary School of Tresché Conca, and the Rovini collection is inaugurated on 28 June of the same year, after an intense work of cataloguing.

From  Tuesday to friday: from 9.30 AM to 12.00 AM and from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM

Closed on Monday.

Free entry

Tel. 0424 692212 (Turistic office Roana)

Tel. 328 5660390 (sig. Rovini)


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