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Park of Sojo – Art and Nature

Lusiana Conco
A park of art, surrounded by nature. Eight acres of mountain land, mostly forest, crossed by walking paths and trails, where you can admire more than seventy works of Contemporary Art of Italian and foreign artists, many of which are made ​​on site and with local materials. The main theme is the rediscovery and appreciation of the relationship of man - nature - art - tradition. In the fully equipped small theatre in the park, or in the nearby Piazzetta del Tiglio located in the centre of the suburb of Covolo, the Association of Friends of the Park of Sojo organizes cultural events.
The visit
The visits take place in an uneven terrain, on a trail of medium difficulty. This will require proper sportswear. Visits to the Park are conducted by expert workers. Duration of a guided tour: 2.5 - 3 hours. Access is chargeable on public holidays and during the month of August. On weekdays it is subject to charges for groups exceeding the number of ten visitors. The ticket office is located at the "yellow point" along the path.
The history

The idea of ​​creating a park in an area, which for decades had been left in a state of total neglect, was initiated in 2000 by architect Diego Morlin. It is the result of a passionate work of cleaning the area of infesting shrubs and weeds, of the recovery of artefacts and paths, and the pre-existing structures that reveal their roots in the distant past.

A short distance from the rock of Sojo, one of the most popular rock climbing venues in Italy and in Europe, the late Neolithic artefacts appear, a clear sign that the man had found protection and shelter in this place since ancient and unknown times. This gave rise to an aura of mystery and magic, which can still be felt in front of the imposing rocky wall.

From May to September: Saturday,Sunday and holidays: from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

From October to April: Saturday,Sunday and holidays: from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Other days on appointment.

The tour at the park olny by booking at least two days before, calling at or via Whatsapp: 339 312 4946.

It will be confirmed after the valid answer of the Organization.

€ 7,50 full-price ticket;

€ 3,00 reduced-price ticket, from 12 to 18 y.o.;

free from 0 to 12 y.o., members with annual card ( €10,00) “Amici Parco del Sojo” and disables + 1 tutor.


Only on appointment (min. 15 people).
(10.00 € per person)

Tel: 0424 503173

Mobile: 339 3124946


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