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Palazzon Museum

Lusiana Conco
Entering the Traditions of the people of Lusiana in Museum Palazzon is like taking a trip back in time and finding yourself suddenly facing life as it used be many years ago in places, flavours and everyday objects of the past. They are the homes of the grandparents and great-grandparents, so different from those of the present, with rooms one above the other separated by "garrets" made of boards. On the ground floor, there is the kitchen with the "fogolaro" (fireplace) for preparing food, especially porridge and soups, and the stone "seciaro" (sink) with copper "seci" (buckets) for water, hanging in plain sight. In the cellar you will come across vats and barrels for wine, and tools to prepare and store foods such as sauerkraut, dried meat and wine made from apples and pears. The space below is used for pork processing for the production of sausages, sopresse salami and other typical meats. Speaking of food, one could not miss the milk, butter, cheese and "puina" (ricotta cheese), which you can rediscover following the path into the "casara" (a house for cooking cheese) with a "caliera" (copper pot), the most important of items. Other evocative spaces have been set up upstairs. In the room, there is a bed with the "stramasso", a mattress made ​​with "scartossi del granoturco" (corn waste) and other special objects, such as the "fogara" (a special portable heater) to heat the rough hemp sheets. You can see the rural setting with the "piantèle" (plots) for the cultivation of wheat, from which the "fastughi" (pieces of straw) were obtained for the creation of "dressa de paja" (twisted cord), which for centuries had been used for making bags and hats. So were the houses up to fifty years ago, at the time of our grandparents, which seems a long time ago. Rooms and objects, which tell fascinating stories to the visitors of today, to the remembering adults and to the children, to make them remember. Other rooms tell the story of wool yarn, starting from sheep and ending at popular clothing. No one could miss the "sgalmare", shoes with soles made ​​of wood, reinforced with iron pegs that one can see in the cobbler's corner. Another room includes the school corner with... pens and inkwells of the days gone by.
The visit
The project takes shape and life as a widespread museum, a treasure that belongs to the whole area, which still retains significant traces of an important past. The museum allows you to get closer to local traditions, to rediscover the lifestyle typical of the edges of the Plateau, with their mountains and hills. The area is not short of fine artistic works, such as the Church of St. James the Apostle with beautiful altars made ​​of local marble, where extraordinary works of Jacopo Dal Ponte, called Bassano, have been restored: the altar piece of the "Nativity" (1510-1592), similar to the "Nativity of St. Joseph" in the museum of Bassano and "The Descent of the Holy Spirit", another characteristic small fragment of the altar. The museum is integrated with other sites, such as Mount Corgnon, the area of Labioli, the Alpine Garden of Monte Corno and the valley of the mills.
The history

The museum was founded to preserve the identity of the area and to promote and enhance the historical, cultural and environmental heritage and traditions of Lusiana.
It was open for business in June 2002, with its management entrusted to the Association of Lusaàn ar Spilar Natura in agreement with the Common.

July and August from tuesday to friday: from 3.30 PM to 6.30 PM

Saturday: from 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM

Sunday: from 10.oo AM to 12.00 AM and from 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM

€ 4,00 full price;

€ 3,00 reduced price, from 6 to 10 y.o and over 65 y.o ;

Free until 5 y.o  and for disables + 1 tutor.

Tel. 0424 407264 monday to friday 9.00 am – 12.00 am

E-mail: (association Lusàan ar spilar)

Web site: 

Adress: Via Sette Comuni – 36046 Lusiana Conco (VI)

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