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Archaeological Museum of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities in Vicenza


The museum is housed in an old building renovated ad hoc, which once housed elementary schools of the small village of Castelletto di Rotzo. The restoration of the building owned by the City of Rotzo was made possible thanks to a grant provided by the Foundation Cariverona of the Region of Veneto of the Mountain Community Regency of Sette Comuni and of the City of Rotzo. Currently, the museum is operated by the "Cultural Foundation of the Archaeological Museum of Sette Comuni", in concession by the Common of Rotzo.
The archaeological museum was born from the desire to bring together under one roof large amounts of artefacts found in the years of systematic research and random findings from the territory of Sette Comuni Vicentini. The main purpose is to give consistency and visibility to these findings, making them available to those who wish to learn about the long and fascinating history of the population of the plateau.
The location of the museum allows also to create a natural "territorial system" with the archaeological park of Bostel, enabling an ideal and comprehensive learning experience, starting from the visit to an archaeological site from the Iron Age, with its excavations and archaeological-experimental reconstruction of the village, to reach inside the museum for a display of exhibits, which come from the village itself.


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