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Silk and Brick Art Museum


Silk and clay: simple and precious materials, which once ruled the two characteristic trades of the local economy. The true arts to be rediscovered through tools and documentation of ancient artisan knowledge.

Casabianca Museum


The most extensive collection of graphics in an Italian museum: The Casabianca Museum is the place to meet with spontaneous expressions of artistic avant-garde of the years between 1960 and 1990, collected by Giobatta Meneguzzo. An open book for visitors, with over 1200 works by 700 artists.

Science Games Lab


Do scientists play? Or do you become a scientist by playing? What is certain, is that the Science Games Museum guarantees plenty of fun with fascinating discoveries of physics, all to be experienced personally in a workshop designed for children, however interesting also for adults.

Val Leogra Rural Civilisation Museum


"A farmer: thick shoes, thin brain", says the proverb. But who was the farmer? What was his way of living? A past not so distant in time, but radically different in the way of living, reveals its secrets in a 1200-piece collection of objects, which depict a now disappeared human landscape.

Mondonovo Mask Museum


The most famous of the historic shops of papier-mâché masks of Venice has been fully transferred to Malo, the Carnival City, and became a museum-workshop. The Museum is housed on the first floor of the elegant Palazzo Corielli, an eighteenth century mansion of the family, where the Master of Arts, Guerrino Lovato, rebuilt his famous shop

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