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World War I Visitors Centre

Tonezza del Cimone
The Visitors Centre is one of the venues of the Eco Museum on World War I in the Pre-Alps of Vicenza. The Centre meets the aims of education and enhancement of the historical heritage of the Great War in the Mount Cimon area, in an effort to promote knowledge and awareness of the changes, which occurred in those places during the most dramatic phases of the conflict.
The visit
Mount Cimon has a story, and it's a story permeated with sacrifices and value of many soldiers who lived in this place, transforming it into a tragic protagonist of one of the most important historical events of the entire Tridentine front. The Visitors Centre aims to promote the heritage of culture and nature represented by Mount Cimon, organizing the promotion and development of an open-air museum; a fabric of forms and works still wonderfully readable, which once rediscovered and valued, constitutes a code for interpretation of the history of our time, a privileged space where you can stand, walk and reflect.

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Comune di Tonezza del Cimone

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