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San Vito di Leguzzano

San Vito di Leguzzano

The town
While visiting San Vito di Leguzzano and walking through the streets of its centre, you can find remarkable architecture and perspectives. This is due to the fervour of many owners who, between the eighteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, renovated their homes, and often enlarged and softened them with stone elements of good quality.
For this reason, some streets in the centre were chosen to become the set for the filming of television dramas.

The "Corte dei Casoni", now Corte Priorato-Gandin, is a famous country house dating back to the fifteenth century, where a part of the wide arcade is home to the interesting Ethnographic Wood Work Museum.
The parish church of San Vito, with its distinctive octagonal bell tower, hides in its interior an eighteenth-century painting by Francesco Lorenzi, a pupil of Tiepolo, and a valuable collection of paintings from the seventeenth century.

Worth visiting is the church of San Valentino in Leguzzano, where you can admire the stone altar from 1579, the work of a local stonemason.


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