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Paths between the masiére

Walking along the High Route of Tobacco (CAI path 780), which crosses a large part of the territory of Valstagna, it is possible to have a good view of the suggestive scenery of the terraced landscape. From the high terraces above Case Pierantoni, where the stone walls reach heights of over 5-6 meters, you can cross the area between Giara Modon and Sasso Stefani, where the terraces continue, adapting to the morphology of the mountain. The slopes between Val Gadena and Val dell'Oliero, is the longest continuous terraced area of the Brenta Canal. From Val dei Bastioni, one of the most densely terraced areas with its 30 to 40 orders of masiere, we cross San Gaetano and the Oliero valley where, in this part, the terraces become more than 400 meters high, arriving up to the Mori-Mattietti contrada, where the various connection between the terraces and the paved paths for drainage are still visible and well preserved.

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