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“I built the masiere (margere) dry, with no cement. You made a bit of a base first, digging away to the big rocks below, start with a solid base and then you kept building up til you got to the level of the field. You could find rocks of all sizes, dirt was passed through a grill, to separate the sizes. The biggest ones for the wall, these had to be shaped to fit. We had hammers and fit stones into all of the spaces so it would fill in and be solid. After the wall had been built and filled in dirt went on top, we would leave a bit of incline. That was work for the old folks, back then there was work to do, better than it is now." (Egidio C., Valgadena, 2001.)

“I'd gather rocks, going to where they could be found, if not we made explosions to get out the largest blocks. The head of the rock was put to the front, the back, like a tail, went further back, with hammers and sledges we would shape them, then we would find big old rocks that the first terraces were built with, by our ancestors. When they collapsed we would gather them and make a new field so we could plant tabacco. I'd carry stones up from the Brenta, from old terraces anywhere. First you made a line of rocks, the biggest ones ay the bottom, they had to intersect and overlap or water would filter through and make them collapse. Up, up and up until a new field could be made." (Bruno C., Valstagna, 1999.)


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