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Homes of the tabbaco growers

Houses inserted into the areas where terraces have been built illustrate the relationship growers had with their fields, how living quarters were created close to where the family's principal activity was done.
Houses were built, vertically with had from 3 to 5 floors, facing the maximum sun exposure and best air circulation, they would have many windows.
Most homes would have many family generations under the same roof. The kitchen was on the ground floor, the upper floors would have bedrooms and rooms dedicated to drying and aging tabacco, they wouldn't have any paint on the walls and had high ceilings (up to 2 m) that had “smussi” drying racks.
Some of these homes were made entirely with stone with overlying wooden structures for stairwars and connections between the various levels. Most have been dismantled, the economy of tabacco was no longer viable from the 1960's.

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More than 80% of the buildings built in the terraces were had an orientation that faced South east , the other 17& faced NE and were positioned on sunny slopes.

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