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Trails and paths

Accesss to fields and houses was provided by a series of walking trails created from stairways between the terraces and borders of cultivated land. To go from the river valley to higher terraces one had to zig zag, horizontal stretches that extended the length of fields and steps to reach higher levels. Lower terraces fields had the function of reducing the angle of incline toward it was less work for farmers to move between the valley and among fields. Trails with steps or stairways took into consideration the length of ones footsteps and how high one could step and how their feet fell on each step. Stonemasons were careful to integrate considerations that made it safer and less tiring when descending.
These trails were constantly maintained. The passageways between private property and trails for public use had to be maintained, obligations for maintence and reconstruction insured their well-keeping.

“You moved between the terraces by stairways and upward until there weren't any more steps. Not everyone made stairways, some shared half and half with neighboring fields. Sometimes the stairs would be straight up , others they were staggered between fields so you had to wind your way up. It depended on the mountain, we had to adapt, steps were always made of stones laid together, it was a lot of work." (Bruno C., Valstagna, 1999.)

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