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Terraces and the territory.
The construction of the terraces and their importance in the history of the valley illustrate ingenious use of local morphology to maximize cultivable space and the quality of that land. Microclimates were considered to increase sun exposure, reduce wind exposure to insulate plants and create space in steep unaccesible areas.
Structural elements of the infrastructure for each terrace were carefully planned. Stairways for access, passageways for trails and drainage systems to collect water into cisterns for irragation and domestic use were integrated into a structure that was much more than a supporting embankment for the terraces.
A terrace was a system to interact with the surrounding environent which creaated a water supply where there was scarce supply. As the population began to interact with the land their need for space and resources available to sustain agricultural practices required them to evolve accordingly.
Graphic comment.: Orientation of the terraces is predominately to the SE, between 105 and 135°, (data elaboration from i Mauro Varotto , Dipartimento di Geografia «G. Morandini» dell'Università di Padova)

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