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 In Valstagna all of the family members were involved in the household. It was typical to have extended members of the family including older parents, married children and grandchildren living together. They would combine their efforts and land, including fields and forest, utilize the Comune resources for grazing and timber acting as a collective force in order to survive.

Each family's property was made up of small parcels of land distrubuted within the community territory. Land was divided in vertical and horizantal sections with varying dimensions.An average family owned small lots that added up to less than and acre. Property in the lower valley, near family dwellings was predominately used for cultivation. Utilization was determined by the microclimates created by exposure to sun and humidity, especially where conditions were favorable for growing tabacco. There were few parcels of land that were level and it was possible to plow. Many terraces had been sculpted from the steep slopes, increasing cultivable land. Due to the distance between parcels of lan:, forrest, fields for pasture and cultivation, members would move seasonally in order to work , but the home base would always remain Valstagna.

(notes on sistribution of property according to use)
Each family owned land located at different altitude for diverse uses: forest for wood, cultivable land, grazing, cultivated and uncultivated fields.
Parcels illustrated here are considered undivided and illustrate the situation toward the mid XX century.
Family A and B show two situations that illustrate extreme ends of the spectrum: Family A owns a total of 9.1778 acres, mostly designated for grazing and a 'casara' a home/stall structure used for summer pasture. Family B has 1.8386 acres with no woods. Family C has 6.851acres, larger than the average family owning of 3 acres) and could be considered representative of a typical extended family farm.


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