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The forests

The timber resources of the Brenta Canal, the river and its role as an important artery for communication with the Venetian hinterlands were vital in shaping the histroy of Valstagna. Lumberjacks and the many trades associated with the cutting, transport and utilization of the rich forest have shaped the landscape and left indelible marks of their labors; many still visible today. The mountains have been united with the valley floor via natural passageways and an extensive newtwork of man made trails. As man created an effective infrastructure to improve the local economy the markets of Venice, Padova and the rest of the world.

The community of Vastagna is comprised of 970.82 hectacres woodland, of which 42% is dedicated to pasture. Timber species include a majority of faggio (86.5%), albete (9.2%) e secondary species situated in the Asiago altopiano zone 'settte comuni' where the slopes have a low, sloping grade, more fertile soil and better drainage.

Sections of private property and i masetti, small sections of woodland owned by the municipality, given in consession to private families were made up of steep slopes, towering above the river valley. These steep slopes boast a % grade of more than 70% , much of which are steep cliffs and landslides.


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