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Caves of Oliero Natural Park


Located in the Brenta valley, in the municipality of Valbrenta, the Oliero springs represent the main exit of the Sette Comuni plateau karst system. The caves currently open for the visit are four: two at ground level, from which the Oliero river springs out and the two above called “covoli”, today dry wrecks of karst from past ages. One of the two caves from which the river Oliero flows, called 'Covol dei Siori' or 'Grotta Parolini', takes its name from the famous naturalist Alberto Parolini who made it accessible since 1832. The visit to this extraordinary cave is possible by boat to arrive inside the mountain, then on foot to the Sala della Colata where it is possible to admire ancient and spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

Priaboniano Fossils Museum

Monte di Malo

Scholars and lovers of palaeontology find in Monte di Malo a unique case of bedrock rich in fossils, the "Priabonian Stratotype" (so named after the town of Priabona), formed in the upper Eocene period, between 38 and 34 million years ago.

"Domenico Dal Lago" Civic Museum


Fossils tell of a distant and mysterious past, and allow you to discover how the world was long before man came along. The museum becomes a place of encounter with the traces of the earliest forms of animal and plant life, and with the findings, which have been bearing witness to the presence and activities of man in the Agno Valley since prehistoric times.

“Alberto Parolini” Speleology and Karst Museum


Explore what lies beneath the surface of the earth and discover a world full of life and evidence of the distant past, in the subsoil among stalactites, cave bears and mysterious tunnels, as they appeared to early explorers.

Science Games Lab


Do scientists play? Or do you become a scientist by playing? What is certain, is that the Science Games Museum guarantees plenty of fun with fascinating discoveries of physics, all to be experienced personally in a workshop designed for children, however interesting also for adults.

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