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Park and Villa Rossi

the garden

The urbanistic complex of the villa and of the estate of Alessandro Rossi in Santorso, now co-owned by the municipalities of Schio and Santorso, is a unique episode in the history of Venetian architecture of the late nineteenth century, a collaboration between industrial power of Alessandro Rossi from Schio, and the architect from Vicenza, Antonio Caregaro Negrin.

In 1862, Alessandro Rossi started the expansion of his textile company, the peak of the development of which came between 1870 and 1880 with the creation of the working-class neighbourhoods of Schio and Piovene-Rocchette.

The park of Villa Rossi is situated on the slopes of Mount Summano. The total area of 44 211 sq.m. was divided into 38 724 sq.m. of green area and 5487 sq.m. of the area occupied by buildings and yards.
From the botanical point of view, the Park is heterogeneous and faithfully reflects the historical period, in which the overwhelming development of means of transport and communication, trade, movement of people and ideas, greatly favoured also the importation and distribution of exotic plants.
All of this can be seen by looking at the still present species of trees.


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