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Silk and Brick Art Museum

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Knowing your history and the history of an area to capture and understand the evolution of society and things. And at the same time, perceiving that memory, whether tangible or intangible, is a gift and a priceless heritage.

The section devoted to silk presents the main objects used in the process of rearing of silkworms, pruning and peeling of mulberry and silk reeling, documented with an interesting series of spinning mill basins.

The other section of the museum illustrates the geological origin of clay and its use since Neolithic times, up until tools used in the last two centuries: a foot lathe, wooden moulds for bricks, pitchforks and "sopèi" (a type of tool) for roof tiles. An educational model reproduces a furnace from 1900 with a permanently burning Hoffmann kiln.

Visits to the Museum are conducted by experienced workers.


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