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Museum of the life of a soldier in the Great War

Recoaro Terme

The war, as it was experienced by the men in trenches, between fear and hope, between the cold of the earth and the memories of the warmth of home. The excavator Antonio Storti has gathered the remnants of battles, which took place between Adamello and Pasubio, creating a domestic, anti-heroic version of the conflict, to tell the life of a soldier in the Great War.

Rovini Collection


A private collection of relics of World War I narrates through the findings from the battlefields of the lives of soldiers and the technological evolution of weapons, but also of the individual and collective drama represented by war.

World War I Historical Museum 1915-1918


The Sette Comuni Plateau was one of the most terrible war theatres of World War I. War relics, weapons, helmets, maps and photos of the period are collected in the museum as a testimony of those pages of history.

Historic War Museum - Punta Corbin Fort


An Italian fort on the Asiago Plateau, where World War I was fought, becomes a military museum, a central place for the commemoration of those difficult pages of history. Entering this site means to experience the life of soldiers and to understand how the war has changed the landscape and people's lives forever.

World War I Visitors Centre

Tonezza del Cimone

The Visitors Centre is one of the venues of the Eco Museum on World War I in the Pre-Alps of Vicenza. The Centre meets the aims of education and enhancement of the historical heritage of the Great War in the Mount Cimon area, in an effort to promote knowledge and awareness of the changes, which occurred in those places during the most dramatic phases of the conflict.

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