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San Vito di Leguzzano

Ethnographic Wood Work Museum

the museum

A collection of antique tools used for woodworking, housed in the fifteenth century Gandin Priory Court of San Vito di Leguzzano. More than 400 objects, including common tools for carpentry, and specific tools used by wheelwrights and coopers, are a testimony to these ancient crafts, the proof of which has existed in San Vito since the early 1400s.

The museum houses a collection of over 2,700 objects, which testify to the life of the past: dishes, linens and household items, tools used in animal breeding, for working in the fields, or for the activities of masonry, shoemaker's tools, tools used in weaving and for production of yarn. The library of the museum offers a rich photographic and paper archive on the activities of local crafts. An impressive wine cellar contains objects used in the past for the production of wine.


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