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Palazzon Museum

the visit

The project takes shape and life as a widespread museum, a treasure that belongs to the whole area, which still retains significant traces of an important past. The museum allows you to get closer to local traditions, to rediscover the lifestyle typical of the edges of the Plateau, with their mountains and hills.

The area is not short of fine artistic works, such as the Church of St. James the Apostle with beautiful altars made ​​of local marble, where extraordinary works of Jacopo Dal Ponte, called Bassano, have been restored: the altar piece of the "Nativity" (1510-1592), similar to the "Nativity of St. Joseph" in the museum of Bassano and "The Descent of the Holy Spirit", another characteristic small fragment of the altar.

The museum is integrated with other sites, such as Mount Corgnon, the area of Labioli, the Alpine Garden of Monte Corno and the valley of the mills.


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