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Palazzon Museum


Entering the Traditions of the people of Lusiana in Museum Palazzon is like taking a trip back in time and finding yourself suddenly facing life as it used be many years ago in places, flavours and everyday objects of the past.
They are the homes of the grandparents and great-grandparents, so different from those of the present, with rooms one above the other separated by "garrets" made of boards.

Eco Museum on Straw Farming traditions


When saying "straw hair", nobody thinks of the effort of the farmers to obtain the "fastughi" from the newly harvested wheat. The thin strands of straw for weaving the "drèssa" (braid). The thinner one, just three millimetres wide, was called "the Marostica weave".

Ethnographic Wood Work Museum

San Vito di Leguzzano

A collection of antique tools used for woodworking, housed in the fifteenth century Gandin Priory Court of San Vito di Leguzzano. More than 400 objects, including common tools for carpentry, and specific tools used by wheelwrights and coopers, are a testimony to these ancient crafts, the proof of which has existed in San Vito since the early 1400s.

Ethnographic Museum of Canal di Brenta


Can a museum attract the visitor, strike his imagination, and give deep emotions? When it manages to immerse children and adults in the adventures of tobacco contraband, or in the history of the river, with the journeys of rafts and timber from the forests to the plains, the museum becomes a living, unforgettable experience.

Val Leogra Rural Civilisation Museum


"A farmer: thick shoes, thin brain", says the proverb. But who was the farmer? What was his way of living? A past not so distant in time, but radically different in the way of living, reveals its secrets in a 1200-piece collection of objects, which depict a now disappeared human landscape.

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