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Archaeological Museum of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities in Vicenza

the museum

The Archaeological Museum of the Plateau of Sette Comuni of Vicenza is located in Castelletto di Rotzo, just 500 meters from the archaeological park of Bostel. The museum collects artefacts from systematic excavations and findings of various kinds, which take place throughout the Plateau.
These findings show a strong historical and cultural unity and continuity of this particular mountain environment, which has witnessed a thousand-year attendance of man since the ancient prehistoric times, the exploitation of its environmental resources over the centuries, from flint to game, from pastures suitable for pastoral activity to the trade of various types of products.
This way, the Plateau stands out as a unique area, with a deep homogeneity from the anthropisation point of view, with a very complex history, rich in unique and broadly characterized aspects, deserving of an important research work, enhancement and promotion.
The museum intends to present itself as a cultural centre for the plateau area, for purposes related to historical, archaeological and ethnographic research, protection and promotion of cultural heritage of the plateau, with the main intention of encouraging a participatory attitude of visitors, which would produce knowledge perceived mostly as understanding, and encourage a sense of belonging and cooperation in order to develop certain behaviours in order to protect the assets of heritage.


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