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Recoaro Terme

Archaeological site in Campetto and Cima Marana

the visit

The tour invites us to approach archaeological and ethnographic artefacts, in search of the most distant roots of man, to learn about the ancient customs of land use and about the exploitation of its resources. The use, which changed over time, and which is fundamental to trace history, outlining various cultural landscapes, which took place in the mountains.
The sites of Campetto and Cima Marana, frequented by people since prehistoric to modern times, are a good example of mountain settlements and a starting point for educational and methodological considerations on the archaeology of mountains.

In the nineteenth century, there were reports of discoveries of miscellaneous coins, fragments of urns, glass materials, and arrowheads of different periods and artefacts of the Longobard era. In the years to follow more detailed studies were conducted on discovered objects, supported by new findings, and by the identification of traces of dry masonry works, which revealed a longer period of attendance of those sites.

All the recovered material, reported to the Archaeological Superintendency of Veneto, is partly in exhibition, and partly deposited at the Civic Museum "Dal Lago" in Valdagno.

Duration of visit: ½ day.

Guide service: payable (chairlift cost to be calculated separately)


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