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Archaeological Museum of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities in Vicenza


The Archaeological Museum of the Plateau of Sette Comuni of Vicenza is located in Castelletto di Rotzo, just 500 meters from the archaeological park of Bostel. The museum collects artefacts from systematic excavations and findings of various kinds, which take place throughout the Plateau.

Archaeological Museum of Alto Vicentino


The rich archaeological heritage of Alto Vicentino, with finds dating between the late Neolithic period and the early Middle Ages, is displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Santorso. The visitor experiences the ancient human activity with reproductions of prehistoric objects and a pre-Roman looms found during archaeological excavations in Santorso.

Prehistoric Village of Mount Corgnon


The unmistakable profile of Mount Corgnon can be seen from across the foothills. Prehistoric men went up there to hunt, for pasture and to light ritual fires. The artefacts found on site tell us that this place has been frequented and inhabited since the Neolithic times.

Archaeological site in Campetto and Cima Marana

Recoaro Terme

At over 1,500 meters above sea level, along the watershed of the basins of Agno and Chiampo, there is a site where you can discover the archaeology of the mountains and the ethnoarchaeology, to find out about the ancient ways of human settlements and the exploitation of the resources of the territory since prehistoric times.

Val d'Assa Graffiti


A harsh and difficult to reach territory has kept a mystery for thousands of years: the rock engravings, the signs on limestone walls left by the people, who used to populate Val d'Assa. A unique testimony to the evolution of man since prehistoric times, which emerged only after the flood of 1966.

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