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“Alberto Parolini” Speleology and Karst Museum

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Explore what lies beneath the surface of the earth and discover a world full of life and evidence of the distant past, in the subsoil among stalactites, cave bears and mysterious tunnels, as they appeared to early explorers.
A new museum, which offers a striking and dynamic immersion into the secrets and mysteries of the buried world. Located at the entrance of the spectacular Natural Park system of the Caves of Oliero, it is an ideal starting point to explore and experiment with the themes of geology through minerals and fossils, chemistry of karst topography, use of caves by humans, starting from prehistoric to modern speleo-archaeology, and the most exciting techniques and cave explorations. The particularly interesting section of bio-speleology allows to understand the evolutionary adaptations of life through encountering one of its most extraordinary representatives: the Proteus.
In addition to the exhibition and educational activities, the museum organises numerous studies and research in the field of science and nature to improve the knowledge of the area and to protect the resources, by becoming a meeting place and point of reference both locally and internationally for numerous specialists.


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