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Ethnographic Museum of Canal di Brenta

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Can a museum attract the visitor, strike his imagination, and give deep emotions? When it manages to immerse children and adults in the adventures of tobacco contraband, or in the history of the river, with the journeys of rafts and timber from the forests to the plains, the museum becomes a living, unforgettable experience.
The "Canal di Brenta" is a young museum. Since 2003, it has been distinguished by the quality of its content, which shows an intense emotional involvement of the visitor in the history and life of the channel.
A world made of objects, words, thoughts, but mostly people, approaches the visitor today facing tough and controversial issues, such as the cultivation and smuggling of tobacco, devastations of Brenta or work on the masiére, and the most exciting topics, such as the journey of rafts towards the plain, cutting trees in the woods and the transport of timber along the streets.

The faces of the past portrayed in old photos, sometimes sad and hunched by hard work, sometimes joyful and playful, seem to want to talk and tell their story.
The museum preserves these memories and promotes their spreading through meetings, conferences and filò (stories), so they remain not forgotten. Because there can be no future without the memory of the past.


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