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Val Leogra Rural Civilisation Museum


The Val Leogra Rural Civilisation Museum was founded in 1974 on the initiative of its founder, Dr. Ernesto Bressan, who worked as a consultant with local farmers on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture. Involving 108 members of the "3P Club" in Schio, Malo, Molina and Isola Vicentina, he started the collection of materials, which document the rural foothills of the Veneto region and, in particular, Val Leogra, dating from the second half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. His sensitivity was focused on those aspects of the rural world, which were destined to a rapid abandonment due to recent technological innovations: he began a collection of what was still available in the area, able to witness the techniques of processing and transformation of what was grown and produced locally.

Thanks to the enthusiastic contribution of many farmers, the first collection was officially inaugurated in 1976, consisting of about 300 objects housed on the premises of the Cantina Sociale di Malo.
Four years later, the inauguration of the Machinery Pavilion took place, also located in the appurtenances of the Cantina, in the adapted mobile barns used by the IPA for exhibitions and fairs of cattle. It was used to accommodate large machinery and equipment.
Since then the collection of goods has been uninterrupted. To date, there are a thousand pieces of equipment housed at the Cantina and about two hundred in the Pavilion.


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