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Val Leogra Rural Civilisation Museum

the permanent exhibition

"A farmer: thick shoes, thin brain", says the proverb. But who was the farmer? What was his way of living? A past not so distant in time, but radically different in the way of living, reveals its secrets in a 1200-piece collection of objects, which depict a now disappeared human landscape.

The rural world, which we imagine, is often rich in stereotypical representations: life in the past was not only hard work, poverty and hardship. The Museum aims to illustrate the peasant life from the point of view of its protagonists, of those who experienced it first-hand.

The rural world is documented to record constant changes in society, and to maintain the cultural heritage, which belongs to the people of today, so that future generations can understand and guide their actions knowing of their past.

The museum represents the complexity of the rural world, its activities, its knowledge and traditions through its material legacy: more than 1,200 items, including tools and machinery. Two sections, organized into separate spaces, illustrating different activities and the evolution of the equipment itself.

The beauty of this small museum has been growing over the years thanks to the contributions of many farmers who have donated most of the objects and machinery on display. A reminder and a special thanks go to Dr. Ernesto Bressan, who made people aware of those aspects of rural world destined for rapid abandonment in today's context.


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