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Casabianca Museum


The opening of the museum dates back to 1978, and was possible thanks to the offering of the building by the Morandi-Bonacossi family and the availability of the art collection of Giobatta Meneguzzo. The organization of exhibitions, conferences, debates, workshops, concerts and shows joins the permanent display. These are supplemented by the production of catalogues, books, booklets, copies and prints. All this has allowed for the creation of an archive important for the number of documents stored and for the importance of its content. The private collection of contemporary art focuses on the discipline of graphic design, in a display of strong identity created by the collector himself since 1978.

The building of Casabianca, dated between 1668 and 1700, is located in the axis of the express road of Malo, in an immediately obvious location. Its solid compact and essential mass denotes the original function as a place of gathering, processing and storage of agricultural produce of the Montecio estate. The appearance and type of the Casabianca building, however, reveal the traits of a noble conception and gentile design, which can be deduced from the vaulted ceilings in the rooms of the ground floor, from the large hall on the first floor, faced by other rooms, from the vicinity of characteristic heavy pillars, regular and of good quality. The name "Casabianca" derives from its original covering in Marmorina, of which, unfortunately, only traces remain nowadays.


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