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Casabianca Museum

the museum

The most extensive collection of graphics in an Italian museum: The Casabianca Museum is the place to meet with spontaneous expressions of artistic avant-garde of the years between 1960 and 1990, collected by Giobatta Meneguzzo. An open book for visitors, with over 1200 works by 700 artists.

The Casabianca Museum is a permanent exhibition of graphic works of the '60s-'90s of the twentieth century, born as a museum/workshop and developed to become an archive, as a sign of being in constant motion.

It is a museum, or more a staged exhibition performance, due to its ability to portray the context of contemporary art through the works of artists, captured in the immediacy of their production. The selection criteria dictated by the collector are the only interpretive access key transmitted to the visitor.

The graphics, the multiple production of which par excellence, in this exhibitive context, reveals its entire matrix of uniqueness, witnessing occasions, meetings, trips. The material documentation represents here the synthesis of a particular event and a piece of a wider experience of collecting.

The distinctive features of the exhibition are the concept of "full" and the absence of explanatory labels, under the banner of a free approach to works, as well as a free and intuitive route of their collection.

More than 1,200 works by 700 artists, placed on walls and partly in containers on the table and on book stands, a for smooth and easy viewing, which works as turning the pages of an open book.

The permanent exhibition is supplemented by a "warehouse" of a thousand graphic works in an art library of over 1,600 volumes of books and magazines. A warehouse dedicated to the work of the writer from Malo, Luigi Meneghello completes the corpus of Casabianca, spread over 780 square meters of floor space.


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