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The Forest of Labiolo

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The forest was a key resource for the local economy. Beech wood (the "fagaro") was for centuries the only source of raw material for heating homes during long winters. In the periods of wood delivery, the woods were bursting with life, and with them the whole country was seething with activity for the preparation of stocks of timber. more

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Along the "path of Limestone", which starts from the district of Vitarolo, there is an area where you can reflect on that incredible way of life. At Labiolo one will find a coalman's shelter and a demonstrative charcoal burner, a "baito" (hut) of a lumberjack with "biode" (a type of tool) and "fogolaro" (fireplace), a "calcara" (limestone burner), a "busa della calsìna" more


The demonstration area was created in 2001 to complete the trail of limestone burners. more
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