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Prehistoric Village of Mount Corgnon

the site

The unmistakable profile of Mount Corgnon can be seen from across the foothills. Prehistoric men went up there to hunt, for pasture and to light ritual fires. The artefacts found on site tell us that this place has been frequented and inhabited since the Neolithic times.

In the Bronze Age, over 3,000 years ago, the area was terraced and walled. To re-experience that moment, a village was built, which adheres faithfully to the characteristics revealed by the excavations and studies of the prehistoric site.
The huts have half-timbered walls and a coating of clay, the roofs are made ​​of reeds and straw, there are stations for metal melting and ovens for baking bread and ceramic vases. The huts contain spindles and spinning whorles, as well as looms with weights for weaving.


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