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Monte Corno Alpine Garden


The Vicenza mountains jealously guard a great treasure made ​​of plants and flowers, hidden in the "Monte Corno Alpine Garden". In the area around a rocky "ammonites red" spur, at 1,300 meters above sea level, several mountain habitats have been recreated: wetlands, alpine meadows and scree.

Park and Villa Rossi


The urbanistic complex of the villa and of the estate of Alessandro Rossi in Santorso, now co-owned by the municipalities of Schio and Santorso, is a unique episode in the history of Venetian architecture of the late nineteenth century, a collaboration between industrial power of Alessandro Rossi from Schio, and the architect from Vicenza, Antonio Caregaro Negrin.

Geomineralogical and Kaolin Museum


The ground on which to rest your feet has a long history and many colours. Mineralogy is a science, which studies minerals, natural substances with a definite chemical composition formed by inorganic processes. The geomineralogical heritage of Val Leogra preserves the geological and mineralogical aspects, which over time have changed the landscape and have characterized it both from the scientific and economic point of view, thanks to the exploitation of mines.

Jacquard Garden


The Jacquard Garden is a beautiful historic, late romantic garden, situated opposite the former woollen mill of Francesco Rossi and, in the past, destined to accommodate functional structures close to the factory, such as drying rooms and drying racks for woollen clothes, and the old Jacquard Weaving plant.

Environmental Workshop


From the village of S.Ulderico (706 m asl), to the gates of the Tretto Plateau (Schio), develop trails leading through woods, meadows, lands and ancient sites of mining and processing of kaolin. An area to discover, along with the Nature-Environmental Guides accompanying visitors to these locations.

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