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Mondonovo Mask Museum


The most famous of the historic shops of papier-mâché masks of Venice has been fully transferred to Malo, the Carnival City, and became a museum-workshop. The Museum is housed on the first floor of the elegant Palazzo Corielli, an eighteenth century mansion of the family, where the Master of Arts, Guerrino Lovato, rebuilt his famous shop

“Massimino Dalla Riva” Ornithological Museum


A short walk from the Upper Castle of Marostica, the Ornithological Museum is dedicated to the breeding birds of the province of Vicenza and to the art of falconry. In a spectacular natural amphitheatre, on the backdrop of the Venetian Pre-Alps, flight demonstrations of these majestic animals take place, with theme days and trips to discover the world of birds.

Museum of the life of a soldier in the Great War

Recoaro Terme

The war, as it was experienced by the men in trenches, between fear and hope, between the cold of the earth and the memories of the warmth of home. The excavator Antonio Storti has gathered the remnants of battles, which took place between Adamello and Pasubio, creating a domestic, anti-heroic version of the conflict, to tell the life of a soldier in the Great War.

Rovini Collection


A private collection of relics of World War I narrates through the findings from the battlefields of the lives of soldiers and the technological evolution of weapons, but also of the individual and collective drama represented by war.

Whistles Museum


Between art and magic, popular and artistic whistles from all over the world and from remote eras are gathered in the Museum of Cuchi (Whistles). Over 12,000 pieces reconstruct the history of these wind instruments, the protagonists of superstitious rites, toys or pledges of love. An unusual museum, to be explored with the eyes of a child.

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