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"Domenico Dal Lago" Civic Museum


Fossils tell of a distant and mysterious past, and allow you to discover how the world was long before man came along. The museum becomes a place of encounter with the traces of the earliest forms of animal and plant life, and with the findings, which have been bearing witness to the presence and activities of man in the Agno Valley since prehistoric times.

Ethnographic Museum of Canal di Brenta


Can a museum attract the visitor, strike his imagination, and give deep emotions? When it manages to immerse children and adults in the adventures of tobacco contraband, or in the history of the river, with the journeys of rafts and timber from the forests to the plains, the museum becomes a living, unforgettable experience.

“Alberto Parolini” Speleology and Karst Museum


Explore what lies beneath the surface of the earth and discover a world full of life and evidence of the distant past, in the subsoil among stalactites, cave bears and mysterious tunnels, as they appeared to early explorers.

Science Games Lab


Do scientists play? Or do you become a scientist by playing? What is certain, is that the Science Games Museum guarantees plenty of fun with fascinating discoveries of physics, all to be experienced personally in a workshop designed for children, however interesting also for adults.

Val Leogra Rural Civilisation Museum


"A farmer: thick shoes, thin brain", says the proverb. But who was the farmer? What was his way of living? A past not so distant in time, but radically different in the way of living, reveals its secrets in a 1200-piece collection of objects, which depict a now disappeared human landscape.

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