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Museum of the life of a soldier in the Great War

Recoaro Terme

The war, as it was experienced by the men in trenches, between fear and hope, between the cold of the earth and the memories of the warmth of home. The excavator Antonio Storti has gathered the remnants of battles, which took place between Adamello and Pasubio, creating a domestic, anti-heroic version of the conflict, to tell the life of a soldier in the Great War.

Archaeological site in Campetto and Cima Marana

Recoaro Terme

At over 1,500 meters above sea level, along the watershed of the basins of Agno and Chiampo, there is a site where you can discover the archaeology of the mountains and the ethnoarchaeology, to find out about the ancient ways of human settlements and the exploitation of the resources of the territory since prehistoric times.

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