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The town
Lusiana is located on sunny slopes in the southern part of the Sette Comuni Plateau. Its territory includes typical alpine environments of high altitudes (1380 m.a.s.l.) and it is crossed by wide valleys with brooks and streams at lower altitudes (250 m.a.s.l.). The village centre is located in the central area, at the altitude of 700-800 m., where the predominantly black hornbeam forest gives way to the great forests of beech. The local cuisine offers dishes made ​​from seasonal herbs, mountain cheeses, smoked meat, typical for the Sette Comuni Plateau, local fruit and in particular old varieties of apples and pears of the area.

There are many events throughout the year to commemorate ancient crafts such as weaving of straw and production of bags and hats, glazing of barley, or production of cheese, and to enhance the knowledge of the environment of huts and marble quarries, old districts, historical settlements and religious architecture.

The Parish Church of St. James is rich in works of art. It houses "The Nativity" and "The Descent of the Holy Spirit" by Jacopo Dal Ponte. In the Church of St. Catherine, apart from another juvenile work of Dal Ponte, a thorn from the crown of the Christ is kept, and in the Church of St. Donato di Covolo, there is an old pipe organ. You can admire the rocky wall of Sojo with the Park of Sojo - Art and Nature located on its summit. Another feature is the bell tower of Campana, which houses the oldest bell in the Region of Veneto.


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