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Nove is a common of over 5,100 inhabitants, which stretches over an area of 8.14 km². The inhabitants are called the Novesi, and the town is situated at an altitude of 84 m above sea level. Its coat of arms represents the distinction of Nove: the flame indicates the potters' furnaces, while the two green bands symbolise waters of the Brenta River and the canals.

Recoaro Terme

Recoaro Terme is a town of over 6,000 inhabitants, which covers an area of ​​60 km² at an altitude of 442 meters above sea level. Its inhabitants are called the Recoaresi. The town enjoys a prestigious position from the nature point of view, which has earned for it the name of the "Emerald Valley". Its excellence is due mainly to the abundance of mineral springs, which had attracted a significant tourist flow of the enthusiasts of spas, particularly at the beginning of the last century.


Roana is a vast common, which includes 6 villages with approximately 4,000 inhabitants, and which covers an area of ​​78 km² at an altitude of 1,001 meters above sea level. The common is located on the Asiaogo Plateau and preserves, especially in the names, the trails of a strong influence of the Cimbrian tradition. In the winter season, the area offers magnificent ski slopes, which in the summer are transformed into beautiful trails in the woods of the plateau.


Rotzo is a town of about 600 inhabitants, located on the Asiago Plateau at an altitude of 938 meters above sea level, and covers an area of ​​28 km². The town is situated at the confluence of the Val d'Assa and the Astico River valley, and is defended from the north by the Venetian Pre-Alps, in particular by Spitz di Rotzo and by Cima Campolongo. The terrain around the small village slopes down to a large flat area, which the inhabitants of Rotzo, the Rotzesi, call "The Campagna", the legacy of an ancient glacial moraine. This is where the area's history began more than two thousand years ago. Famous for its forests and trails, Rotzo is also known for its eponymous potato.

San Vito di Leguzzano

San Vito di Leguzzano is a town of over 3,800 inhabitants, which covers an area of ​​just over 6 km². Its inhabitants are called the Sanvitesi. The common stretches party on the plain and on the surrounding hills crossed by paths suitable for pleasant strolling, in the place of the former village of Leguzzano.

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